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Halloween ZooBoo – Indianapolis Zoo

Roadtrip? Zoo? Wait, did someone say Zoo? You only have to mention it once to get me excited.  I jumped up, grabbed my shoes and stood impatiently at the door waiting to hit the road and see some animals.

Zoo Boo Halloween at the Indianapolis Zoo.
Me and My Brother, Colt, at the ZooBoo.

I brought my brother, Colt, on this roadtrip.  He loves the zoo too.  This isn’t just any day at the zoo though, it’s ZooBoo!  We had a blast! We got to see all the usual animals, but this time we also got candy and the zoo was decorated really cool for Halloween.

Spooky Halloween Decorations
Me in front of some of the spooky Halloween decorations – Pirate skeletons!
Tiger at the Indianapolis Zoo
Tiger at the Indianapolis Zoo


Penguins at the Indianapolis Zoo
Kayden & Colt enjoyed watching the Penguins at the zoo have lunch.


Is that a sea lion or a walrus
“Kayden, look! It’s a sea lion. Kayden? Why won’t you stop laughing?” (Kayden thought it was a Walrus, so everyone had a good laugh.)

We spent more time in the Oceans section this time.  It is a big aquarium and habitat for Ocean animals.  There are fish, penguins, sea lions, walrus, dolphins, sea horses, sharks and so much more. Did I mention you can pet sharks? Yes, real sharks. You can touch them! It was really busy and most of the fish and animals were being fed, therefore there was lots of activity and excitement.

It was fun taking a roadtrip to the Indianapolis Zoo for ZooBoo with my brother.  Even if he did make fun of me when I got confused about the sea lions and the walruses – I mean, I’m only 6 years old, remember?  My brother, he’s older than me, he is 7 years old and he might be just a little smarter than me, but I will never admit that to him.  After a brief discussion and looking around, I finally found a walrus!  We look pretty cool together, don’t we?

Walrus at the Indy Zoo
Me & a Walrus at the Zoo