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Heading into the City… DC bound.

We have to go into Washington, D.C. tonight. No exceptions.  This is the last night for the National Christmas tree to be lit.  My grandma says that it’s a “must see” on our to do list for this trip.

We are staying out by the airport for the night because everything downtown is booked for New Year’s Eve. It is really far out!  We have to take a shuttle back to the airport, where we will catch a bus to the Metro station.  What?! Let’s call Uber!  Grrr, she won’t do it… so it’s off we go.

WMATA Washington DC Metro
WMATA Washington DC Metro

Our first stop is Virginia Square Metro Stop.  We are heading over to El Pollo Rico, which is one of our favorite restaurants. They serve Peruvian rotisserie chicken.  It is YUMMY! I wish they’d give us the recipe so we can make it at home.

Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken at El Pollo Rico! Best Chicken in DC!
Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken at El Pollo Rico! Best Chicken in DC!

After filling up, we ordered an Uber (Yes!) and made our way downtown.  First stop, the ellipse. The National Christmas tree is really big and there are really cool model trains set up at the base of the tree.  There are trees from each state and territory set up all around the main tree.  You can also see the Washington Monument and the White House from here.

National Christmas Tree, Washington Monument and The White House
National Christmas Tree, Washington Monument and the White House

Next, we headed to F Street and went to McDonald’s for a milkshake.  I asked for extra cherries and the manager gave me like 10 of them!  We sat there for a while and my grandma told me all about how she used to live here when Bill Clinton was president and that she really misses it a lot.  I told her that she can move here if she wants, but I want to move to Florida!

National Press Building
The National Press Building – where my grandma used to work a long time ago.