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United from Indy to Dulles – Never Again

Flying from Indianapolis #IND to Washington Dulles Airport #IAD is quick and painless on #United Airlines.  And in this case, it was cheap too!  $108 one-way booked only 6 days in advance.

So, all is well… right?  No!  But, I wish.  Because this would be a regular flight for us if it weren’t for the 3 mile trek from the gate to the baggage claim.

United Airlines Terminal at Dulles Airport
Terminal at Dulles Airport

You are surely thinking that I’m exaggerating? It couldn’t possibly be that bad?  Maybe I’m just lazy? NO WAY!  I run, jump, walk, climb and do cartwheels all day long – and this trek kicked my booty.  Just when you thought you were near the end, you took a turn and kept on going… and going… and going.  I kept seeing people go by in golf carts, but they zipped by so fast it would make your head spin.  They didn’t pay attention to any of us weary travelers making our way through the concourse.

Why oh why is that terminal so far away???????????

All I know is that I will never fly United Airlines into Dulles Airport again. Ever.  It was too much work.  Travel is supposed to be fun. That wasn’t fun. It was annoying, exhausting and made me very angry.  What about the old people? All of the grandmas and grandpas that have trouble walking? I mean, I’m a kid and I had trouble.  They need to install LOTS of moving walkways like they have is most other airports around the country if they are going to put the terminals so far from the main lobby.

Okay, no more ranting and raving from me today.  Just really tired.  Next time, we’ll fly into Washington Reagan National Airport or a different airline if we have to fly into Dulles Airport.

OR I will sit my butt at the gate until they call me a golf cart. Yea, that’s what I’ll do.  Do you know how short my legs are?? I’m six!

Okay, now about the flight itself. It was good. You could almost call it boring… and when it comes to flying, boring is good – right?  No turbulence, no crazy passengers and no crying babies. The flight attendants were nice and I got to meet the captain.    I got my window seat, had some snacks and played video games.  The flight took only 1 hour, which is a lot shorter than most other flights we take.  I was like, what? We just got up in the air and now we’re landing?

In summary:

  • Will I fly United again? Yes
  • Will I fly into Dulles Airport again? Probably
  • Will I fly United at Dulles again? Never