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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was a top priority on our New York City to-do list!  Yea, sure, it’s after Christmas.  It’s even after New Years… but it’s still lit up and it’s mesmerizingly beautiful.

Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree
Me and my Grandma at Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree

The decorations at Rockefeller Center were so pretty and festive. There were a million twinkly lights!  Music was playing, people were happy and it was very crowded.  The coolest thing ever happened while we were there!  A man proposed to his girlfriend on the ice skating rink and the crowd went wild.  The girl was in such shock she fell down on the ice and just sat there looking up at him.  I’m sure she said YES, I mean how could you say no to that?!


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