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Miami Here We Come!

Today we are flying from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to Miami International Airport on American Airlines.

Flying from JFK to Miama
Flying from JFK to Miami – I spent half the flight sitting on the floor under my seat tray to get a break from the grumpy lady sitting next to my grandma.

We took the subway to the airport from our hotel.  It wasn’t hard, but it seemed to take forever.  We rode the E train from Port Authority to the Sutphan Boulevard Station, where you catch the Airtrain to the airport.  The subway costs $2.75 and the Airtrain costs $5.00, for a total of $7.75.  I rode free.  Was I supposed to be free? I don’t know.  In DC I had to pay.  In NYC, they said because of my height I was no charge.  Seriously, we really don’t know, but we went with it and I just climbed under the bars.  (No one stopped us and everyone saw us, so it must be legit.)

As usual we arrived two hours early.  I don’t mind because we usually eat and just chill before our flight.  Getting through TSA was fast and easy.  The TSA guy asked me a few questions (as usual), but when he asked me where I’m from… I said Earth.  He couldn’t stop laughing.  Okay, whatever this is planet Earth.  Sooo, with that out of the way we headed towards our terminal.  I got pizza and hung out in the food court for a while.

About an hour before our flight, we made our way over to our gate.  We found a seat and waited forever! (My grandma says it was only 20 minutes. Ugh. It was foreverrrrrr.)

We boarded the plane (a very big one) and we are seated really far back.  We had other seats near the middle but they had us separated.  We were in different rows and on different sides of the plane.  Hello, I am six, I am not flying next to weird strangers!  So, my grandma had to get our seats changed and we ended up in the very back.  The flight was 100% full and it was really stuffy.  I got my window seat though, so I was happy.

The flight was almost entirely over water.  My grandma says that that is the shortest route from New York City to Miami.  I have never flown over water for more than just a little bit until now.  Mostly we were up high, way above the clouds, so there wasn’t much to see.

I had to go to the bathroom twice and the lady next to my grandma wasn’t very nice. The first time I got up she demanded that we all switch seats so she could sit by the window as she wasn’t going to get up again. Uh, no way lady, I get the window seat!!  Then when it just so happens that I had to go to the bathroom again, she completely ignored my grandma and pretended to be asleep.  Really lady?  Another passenger waiting in line for the bathroom saw our struggle and she woke the lady up.  LOL yea from her fake sleep.  The other passenger was so nice that she even let me go ahead of her.  The grumpy lady next to my grandma then spent the rest of the flight putting on more make up and taking about 100 selfies.  I think she loves herself. She was taking some weird pictures – like of her feet  and just one eye. It was weird. She was weird.

After almost three hours, we arrived in Miami.  I was so happy when we went outside and it was warm.   Miami’s not our real destination though, we’re actually heading to Hollywood Beach.  We are staying in Miami for tonight, then we’ll head up to Hollywood Beach tomorrow.  She says I am going to LOVE our hotel there.  Something about margaritas, so it sounds like it’s more of her kind of hotel than mine. Ha Ha Ha

Tonight: Catalina Hotel in South Beach
Tomorrow: Margaritaville Hotel in Hollywood Beach

The wrap up: Our flight from New York to Miami was a little stressful because of the behavior of the 20-something year old passenger in the aisle seat of our row.  We really just tried our best to ignore her.  The flight was smooth and uneventful – just the way we like it.  The plane was large and for the most part clean, with no real signs of wear and tear.  The flight crew was very nice.  This flight was actually very cheap.  We paid only $73 per ticket. We booked 11 days in advance.  We flew into Miami, even though Fort Lauderdale (FLL) is closer, because of this low fare.  The cheapest flights into FLL were around $125 and most were not non-stop flights.  We 100% prefer non-stop flights if they are available and will even pay a little extra for them.