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DC to NYC by Bus

Next stop, New York City!  We are taking a bus from Washington, D.C.’s Union Station to New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, which happens to be right across from the hotel we will be staying at in New York City.  FYI: This is my very first time going to New York! I’m excited!

After deciding not to fly to New York (because all of the planes were what my grandma calls “puddle jumpers” and she really doesn’t like little planes because of the turbulence.)  We decided that we would take one of the buses that run pretty much every hour to New York.  There are a lot of different ones to choose from (Bolt, Tripper, Greyhound, PeterPan, MegaBus, etc.) and they vary in price from $15 to about $60 one way.  Most of them depart from DC’s Union Station, but they drop off in lots of different locations in NYC, so you really need to know where you’re going before selecting a bus.

We chose the Peter Pan bus (which was also a Greyhound bus – they have some sort of agreement between the two companies).  There are three reasons why my grandma chose this particular bus.

  1. It took us to Port Authority in NYC, which was closest to our hotel (Four Points Sheraton Times Square).
  2. Children’s tickets are 50% off the adult price.
  3. There is a bus leaving pretty much every hour of the day, therefore we could buy our ticket at the terminal whenever we got there with no rushing or worries.

If you book in advance, the PeterPan bus tickets start at only $16 each way.   We didn’t plan ahead, so the adult ticket was $32 and the child’s ticket was $16 for a grand total of $48.  Not bad.

We left DC at 4:00pm and arrived in New York City around 9:00pm.  We did not make any stops, which really surprised me.  Some of the buses stop on the turnpike in Delaware for a short break.

The bus was comfortable and clean.  I brought a drink and some snacks with me.  It was kind of boring – about the same as riding in the back seat of the car.  I just played with my phone and listened to some music.  My grandma says that I fell asleep for a couple hours, but I don’t believe her.

We did not go to the restroom, so I cannot tell you about it, but it seemed to get a lot of use by the other passengers.

Honestly, I would have preferred to take the train, but the fares were high because we didn’t make advance purchases.  The train tickets were over $100 for the adult ticket (kids are half price on Amtrak).

The bus is a convenient and affordable way to get from Point A to Point B without breaking the bank.  It’s not luxurious, but it’s not horrible either.  It is what it is. Cheap!