The Roadtrip Kid Loves to Travel
The Roadtrip Kid Loves to Travel

This travel blog is from the perspective of my very well traveled 6 year old grandson, Kayden. We love to travel and see new places.

Our blog is written for parents, grandparents or anyone who loves travel.  Follow along as we take trips around the country and close to home.

Now, before you think this is some spoiled rich kid’s travel diary (ha, we wish), think again.  We save and plan and budget for every single trip we take.  We don’t always end up in our dream vacation spots or staying at grand resorts.  We spend a lot of time playing on Google Flights just to find the most affordable location for our time frame.  We also use every travel app and website known to man to find the best hotels at the very best prices.   We are just like most families, we have bills to pay first and kids to feed… but we love escaping to wonderful places and experiencing new things.  Yea, sure, we’d love to go to Hawaii or Paris or Iceland… even Dubai (my dream vacation!!!!) but for now it’s just not possible.

You’ll also find that a lot of our trips are within 100 miles of our home.  You’ll find us in Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati and many places in between.  Classic roadtrips!

See some of my instagram pictures below:

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